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Hangzhou Kemesser Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development company for the cooling products, the company to energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, safe as the product development and the cornerstone, dedicated full made a new generation of laboratory cooling products. The company has the six series: CellHome (cell freezing box); CoolHome (no ice station); HolderHome (no ice freezer); TransHome (transportation of dry ice box); BlockHome (module base); IceHome (a tub of ice bucket) with outstanding performance and stable quality by the college, Research Institute, hospital, disease control, cell bank, umbilical cord blood bank customers, the company will continue to flattery "quality first concept, launch a more excellent products to our customers.

Kemesser insists on that the quality is the absolute principle

No quality there is no market, no market there is no benefit, and no benefit would be no development, therefore, the quality is the absolute principle. The quality of products is the life of company in modern society ,so it has become a firm foothold in the market and the the fundamental guarantee of development. Product’s quality will determine its life span, and even the development of enterprises .

Kemesser  has an efficient R & D team

In market economy conditions, technology develops so quickly that the competitions between the companies have become more fierce. Developing a new product is increasingly becoming the key to success , so it is significantly important to build a efficient R & D team for modern enterprises,which not only improves competitiveness of its own R & D ability ,but also creates more R & D results.

Service is the guarantee of Kemesser’s sustainable and healthy development

Any company, regardless of its product  is Tangible things  or intangible severces,ultimately will be subject to market and consumer experience.   Enterprises should pursue the benign development of the entire chain of production and service , and service sector independently provide consumer with the professional services ,detaching  all the other links.  

Kemesser adhere to the first aim that the quality first, technology first, and service first throughout the products. Our goal is to make the instrument industry leader and create the greatest  value for staff at all levels of  the company.